On September 27, our compatriots in Artsakh awoke to a new reality. An aggression unlike one experienced in recent history. And what endured for the next two months will be remembered as one of the true tests of the Armenian spirit and resilience.

Over 90,000 civilians have fled to Armenia for safety as a result of the Azeri attacks on Artsakh. Shaken and anxious, they are physically, emotionally and economically exhausted yearning for the life they left behind. While we are working to develop a long-term strategically sustainable plan to assist the nation and its people, AGBU has moved swiftly and urgently to provide emergency assistance for tens of thousands of individuals in need.

AGBU remains committed to the people of Artsakh and Armenia. We are here and ready as ever.


AGBU has stepped up its humanitarian assistance to provide food and basic essentials to families struggling to keep up their strength as they face an uncertain future. To date we have distributed:

  • Food and hygiene supplies to 12,000+ people
  • Warm clothing to 20,000+ displaced individuals
  • Over 42 tons of medical equipment including PPE, anesthesia machines, wheelchairs, ventilators and defibrillators
  • 2 critical oxygen generators for hospital use
  • Hundreds of electric generators and power banks for homes and shelters
  • Heaters, blankets, books and toys to families across the region

AGBU – Leaders in Collaboration

AGBU has served as a trusted resource for Armenians for 115 years with a commitment to service bridging Armenia and the diaspora as well as integrating collaboration with non-Armenian NGOs and institutions. Working with entities like the UN World Food Program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France or UCLA Medical School, we are ensuring that external resources are directed to government ministries, institutions and individuals to address critical needs in Armenia and Artsakh. As always, we continue to work with the Armenian communities and organizations around the world to coordinate efforts on the ground and execute aid distribution effectively.

Let your gift save the day.

With your generous donation to AGBU Humanitarian Relief Fund, you can help fill the immediate basic needs for these disoriented and distressed intergenerational families who so urgently need our care and support and assist in our development of impactful programs necessary for the strategic rebuild of our nation
In this season of giving, please act without delay.




For more information and other ways of giving, such as over- seas and domestic fund transfers, please contact Karen Papazian, Director of Outreach and Development, at 212-319-6383 or kpapazian@agbu.org