Winning the future with AGBU Fund for Artsakh Time has shown that military victory without economic opportunity can only go so far in winning the ultimate prize for the Republic of Artsakh: prosperity for the people and peace in the region. That’s why AGBU’s commitment to this sacred land and its people is centered around the AGBU Fund for Artsakh.

Sustained economic growth in Artsakh has unique advantages:

  • Helps build a stronger military, which is essential for a safer society.
  • Signals to the international community that Artsakh possesses the essential assets of a viable nation state.
  • Allows the 150,000 people of Artsakh to live, work and raise families in their own community
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AGBU’s Four Way Strategy for Success

PillarSocioEconomic Socio-Economic
PillarHumanitarian Humanitarian
PillarEducation Education
PillarCulture Culture

AGBU Fields of Hope

Local farmers receive revolving loans for seeds sown on government-allotted lands, along with use of farming equipment and a storage facility.

AGBU Women’s Empowerment Program

A full year’s cycle of support for female entrepreneurs, including business training, mini-grants, expert advisors, mentors and networking opportunities.


This afterschool program for creative technologies, which AGBU fully funds in Stepanakert, gives students a chance to catch up with peers in Armenia and abroad.

Emergency Medical Support

AGBU has stepped up its medical relief efforts for those in harm’s way with ventilators for artificial respiration, digital X-ray machines and intensive care devices for air transport, etc.

Artsakh Chamber Orchestra

Since 2004, this 20-member orchestra has built a sterling reputation in the Caucasus, accepting concert engagements around the world and paving the way for a new music school in Artsakh.

AGBU Olive Tree Orchard Program

Artsakh’s climate and soil are ideal for these cold and drought-resistant trees which can thrive for hundreds of years and drive new markets for olive-based products. In the first year of this AGBU pilot program, farmers start out with 6400 young trees, enough to cover 16 hectares of land. Additional trees are added in subsequent years.

AGBU Scholarship Program

Top performing students are awarded scholarships for undergraduate or graduate studies and can participate in the AGBU Summer Internship Program.

Enhanced Training for Military Personnel

AGBU offers scholarships for cadets and officers enrolled in leadership and English language courses through the AGBU- AUA Continuing Education Program.

AGBU Continuing Education Program

Developed in partnership with the American University of Armenia (AUA), this world class program offers certificate programs, professional courses, and college prep classes.
Let’s take action for Artsakh today. Make a gift today. Donor support is critical and the timing is urgent. The faster a sustainable growth economy is achieved in Artsakh, the better the prospects for prosperity and national security.

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